1. Have you been sent a list of questions or topics?

The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they are a natural conversation, a great way audiences can get to know you, as well as learn from you. Avoid writing lengthy answers – it can sound “scripted” and unnatural.

TIP: Think about your answers, dot point a few answers, try not to over prepare.

2. A quiet place

Choose a place away from ringing phones and distractions.

3. Solid internet connection

Turn off any background cloud syncing  such as Google Drive and DropBox. Ensure any other computers connected to your wifi network are not downloading/uploading data during your podcast appointment. You can check your wifi connection speed here.

4. Plug in a microphone

This is the most important step! Headset and USB mics work great (any brand). We recommend this microphone headset because USB headsets work for Mac and PC.

You may need tell your operating system to use the microphone. You can do this on a PC in ‘control panel’ or, for a Mac, in ‘system preferences’.

NOTE: What doesn’t work well is the mic built in to your computer, or a phone’s hands-free mic, those mics are not designed for quality podcast recordings (although in a pinch, you can sit very close to your computer’s mic and it will sound OK).

5. Email Link to our studio

PodBooth will email you a link to Zencastr that looks like this:

Please Note: Zencastr will only work with Chrome and Firefox. Safari is not supported at this stage.

The link will take you to Zencastr – see below. Input your name and click join.

You will enter into a screen that looks like this:

Zencastr will auto detect the microphone option connected to your computer. If you need to change it – you can do so by click the blue cog icon.

6. Now you’re connected to the PodBooth studio!

You’ll notice it hasn’t started recording yet – feel free to chat! A timer will start running when WE press the go button.

That’s it!

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