Immersive Podcast Learning
for Educators


Professional learning and team building centred on PODCASTING as a form of new media.

Immersive Podcast Learning for Teachers

Who is it for?

Groups of 10-12 of your staff work together in a team-building day of immersive podcast learning, including technical training, at PodBooth Studio.

The venue

Immersion training is conducted at PodBooth Studio centrally located in Adelaide’s CBD. 

The Facilitators

Broadcast Journalist Callum MacPherson (Young Blood Media, Channel 7) and Rory Noke (PodBooth) are industry experts with extensive broadcast journalism and podcast production experience. 

Time Commitment

The Podcast Immersion Training takes four hours and can be scheduled 9am – 1pm or 1.30 – 5.30pm weekdays (subject to availability).

Participants leave with
  • A team-building experience (e.g. mixed faculty professional learning as a group)
  • Knowledge of podcasting as a form of new media
  • New skills in professional interviewing and storying genres for learning across curriculum and broader use
  • Creating & Making immersion practical (small groups producing sample podcasts)
  • Confidence in use of Procast podcasting equipment (technical skills)
  • New appreciation of how podcasting & vodcasting can be applied in schools
  • Basic training and insights in use of Adobe Premier Pro digital editing tool
  • Advice in setting up your own Podcasting Studio and more
  • Access to online portal with technical training re-cap videos

Get Ready for the 2022 School Year!

Get organised for 2022 – book your staff’s training session during term four (October 2021 – January 2022)

On the day

Step 1 – Power of podcasting

  • The facts and future of podcasting
  • Breaking down the styles and genres
  • How students and teachers can utilise podcasting in the classroom

Step 2 – Technical

  • Equipment overview/practical demonstration
  • Getting you comfortable with the technology
  • Connecting remote guests
  • Choosing an ideal recording space
  • Best practices for optimising audio quality

Step 3 – The interview

  • How to plan and prepare a podcast
  • Podcast structure
  • The art of the interview – pro tips from a TV journalist and host
  • Creating an effective podcast intro and outro

Step 4 – Podcasting Practical

  • Put your skills to the test – record your own panel style video podcast
  • Podcast editing demonstration

Step 5 – Publishing and beyond

 Online podcast hosting and distribution
 How to publish on the major platforms
 Podcast marketing and promotion

The Facilitators

Callum MacPherson

Callum MacPherson

Program Facilitator

Broadcast Journalist Callum MacPherson is the founder of Young Blood Media. He’s an Australian Podcast Awards Winner and former 7NEWS Reporter.

Rory Noke

Rory Noke

Technical Facilitator

PodBooth Founder Rory Noke is a film and industry expert with extensive broadcast and podcast production experience. He’s a former 10 News First / 7NEWS camera operator and award-winning filmmaker.

 Additional options for schools 

Training Videos

Consolidate/refresh teachers’ learning with training videos.

Site-specific Advice

Tailored recommendations for setting up your school’s podcasting space.

Student Podcasting

Professional recording of student work at PodBooth.

School themed vodcasts

Podcast interviewer (journalist) who will research and interview subjects as selected by the school i.e. Old Scholars.

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