Immersive Podcast Learning
for Students


Immersive Podcast Learning
for Students


Launch your students into the exciting world of podcasting. 

PodBooth and Young Blood Media have developed an interactive, education based podcast experience for the whole class.  

Immersive Podcast Learning for Students combines in-classroom and in-studio lessons. It covers all the basics, from episode structure and confidence behind the mic, through to equipment and editing like a pro.

When the class is ready to record, students will have the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice at PodBooth’s world-class video podcasting studio, to get a taste of what it’s like to do it for real and leave with a product they can be proud of. 

Our program fits into any semester and has been optimised for Senior School students. Podcasting is commonly tied to English, Media and Drama and is relevant to all subjects involving oral assessments.

The Facilitators

Callum MacPherson

Callum MacPherson

Program Facilitator

Broadcast Journalist Callum MacPherson is the founder of Young Blood Media. He’s an Australian Podcast Awards Winner and former 7NEWS Reporter.

Rory Noke

Rory Noke

Technical Facilitator

PodBooth Founder Rory Noke is a film and industry expert with extensive broadcast and podcast production experience. He’s a former 10 News First / 7NEWS camera operator and award-winning filmmaker.

 Additional options for schools 

Training Videos

Consolidate/refresh teachers’ learning with training videos.

Site-specific Advice

Tailored recommendations for setting up your school’s podcasting space.

Podcasting Learning for teachers

Immersive in-person learning for groups of 12.

School themed vodcasts

Podcast interviewer (journalist) who will research and interview subjects as selected by the school i.e. Old Scholars.

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