PodBooth is STILL OPEN. There are some service restictions due to COVID-19.

PodBooth is producing an audio drama from it’s Adelaide studio, with PodBooth Co-owner Rory Noke producing the project. Rory wrote and directed the 2010 award winning feature film, 10 Metres, so he’s no stranger to fiction. Noke claims, “Audio drama is an exciting new step for us because it’s a different beast to film. There are different challenges, requirements and opportunities.”

“Our plan is to assembling a local team of writing and acting talent. We want to dive headfirst into this drama project and create something amazing. We’d love Adelaide to be the audio drama capital of Australia,” says Noke.

Release is scheduled toward the end of 2019 in time for the holiday season. Check our website and subscribe to the PodBooth Newsletter to hear about audition announcements and other news.