What is Oh. My. Pod. Mini Film Fest?

PodBooth’s Rory Noke, in collaboration with cinematographer Daniel Bertollo from Futuro Avenue, will create seven short films, each with a focus on a different PodBooth podcaster. The films will premiere at an exclusive event later this year.

How will the films be made?

We’ll make the process as easy as possible, with the majority of filming occurring in or around PodBooth, during a 10-episode podcast season. A small amount of on-location filming may be required (e.g. in action at work, doing a favourite hobby, or strategizing with the team/clients).

Does it cost anything to be part of Oh. My. Pod. Mini Film Fest?

No ?. PodBooth is covering the cost of short film production. We require participating podcasters pre-pay for ten episodes. Current, past, and new clients are welcome to participate.

How can I have my podcast included in Oh. My. Pod. Mini Film Fest?

To lock in your place, head over to PodBooth’s online store and purchase an Oh. My. Pod – 10 episode pack (or email sandra@podbooth.com.au to request an invoice or more information). Don’t hesitate, there are a handful of Oh. My. Pod. packs left.

“Oh. My. Pod. celebrates podcasters and their stories. Audiences will love a peek behind the curtain to see all passion, purpose, and action that goes into making a podcast.”
– Sandra Noke Business Manager, PodBooth