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The Sister’s That Slay, a live interview podcasts, had in excess of 100,000 views within the first few weeks. There seems to be wonderful alchemy between two ingredients: First, The Sisters’ warm, honest and relatable interviews. The second is the way the Facebook algorithm is handling lives streams. Here are six reasons to harness the magic of Facebook Live:

  • Proliferation to potential new fans. Facebook prioritises live streams so your video will appear high-up on news feeds.
  • Amplified engagement. Facebook reports a ten-fold increase in comments on live videos because multi-way interaction occurs. Hosts can interact directly with audience members, who can also interact with each other.
  • Live streams are watched three times longer. The realness of going live hooks in viewers so they watch for longer. 
  • Promote your wares. Facebook Live gets more eyeballs on products and services.
  • Enjoy the after-glow! Facebook Live videos appear in feeds even after the live session ends.
  • Audiences respect your boldness and bravery. Viewers become fans and look forward to the next live video.

We hope that these points inspired you to try going live with a video podcast. If you need further evidence check out the numbers in the screenshot below.

Sisters that Slay. Viewer numbers on their ‘Melanie Tate Episode’ reached over 25,000 in a few days.