Who is the PodGuest Directory for?
We invite submissions from anyone, anywhere in the world, who 18+ years with an interest in podcasting. You will have the opportunity to select categories of interest, and write a short bio when you create your listing. New to podcasting? – That’s OK! The PodGuest directory will help you find podcasting opportunities.

What are the benefits of being listed in the PodGuest Directory?
Step outside your bubble! The PodGuest Directory is a great place to pitch yourself as a guest, host (or both) to podcasters and producers. As a podcast guest you can share your ideas/offerings on others’ shows – to a new audience.

Is it free to sign up?
Yes. The directory is completely free to join and browse. We generate income from advertising partners; we will never sell your data. You can read more the directory terms and conditions here and our website privacy policy here.

Will my contact details be public?
Your email address will not appear in the directory. Podcasters can only contact you through the PodGuest platform, and you will be notified via email when someone reaches out. There is an option to include a contact phone number but this is completely optional.

How do I create a listing?
Navigate back to the directory and select ‘create listing’.