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Tamara Agnew


South Australia
I am the founder, producer, and co-host of the Career Sessions podcast. I love research and I am very curious about what is going on in the world around me. My friends would describe me as strong, friendly, inventive, altruistic, and intelligent. I am a tutor and researcher in health sciences, a mother of two very cool daughters, a wife of a Scottish husband, co-director of Alui Altum Consultants in Adelaide, advisory board member of the Tisserand Institute, Chair of my daughter’s School Governing Council, and now I can add podcaster to my list of career highlights! I grew up in NSW, mostly on the Central Coast and Sydney, lived in Scotland for ten years where I got to itch my travel bugs, and am now based in Adelaide, trying to launch Tamara Inc. (That is not the real name….)

After 16 gap years, a variety of jobs, travel, and a child, I undertook my first degree in Edinburgh, Scotland and I graduated with a first-class honours degree in Health Science. I moved back to Australia and won a University of South Australia Postgraduate Award (USAPA) to study full time in the PhD program in Adelaide.

I have a strong and keen interest in health research, and in particular in the areas of ageing, digital health and complementary medicine. Complementary medicine is an enormous and growing industry that costs the consumer a significant amount of cash every time the purchase a product or see a practitioner. I am keen to dispel myths, and highlight where there is some benefit, or at least the start of proof, in science. I will live and die on the hill of rigour in research.

Roles of interest: Podcast host, Podcast guest
Pat Sheehan

Pat Sheehan

+61 0401625132

I have been fascinated with psychology, business, and how the two come together in organisational psychology for many years. I hold degrees in psychology and business and I lead a management consulting firm that assists our clients to create high performing organisations.

Currently, I am assisting businesses to recover from the pandemic by addressing unresolved grief due to COVID-19, and build Adaptive Capacity – a means to increase the mental adaptability and agility of employees to improve employee engagement, recovery and performance.

I am captivated by the psychology of leadership and continue to be surprised by the employee engagement, productivity and profitability results exceptional leaders can achieve by understanding how to engage, inspire and encourage their people.

Amongst all of this is organisational culture and the powerful contribution it makes to corporate performance and making the workplace liveable. Exploring further understanding of sociology and culture, and renovating an old house in Brisbane are my hobbies.
Roles of interest: Podcast guest
Your Transformation Station

Your Transformation Station


How can you create a transformation in others if there’s no transformation in yourself? This question, I often think. Suppose your someone aspiring to learn how to connect to the world just as I am. Tune in on how to decode ourselves through others’ realization—focusing on what we need in developing our voice through shared experience that we all unwittingly have in common. Connecting Clarity, we can reestablish ourselves through education, connections, and challenging public perception.
Roles of interest: Podcast host, Podcast guest, Video & audio podcasting, Audio only podcasting
TK on the set of "How To Build A Foam Machine"

Lewin “TK” Day

0428 477 753

South Australia
A journalist, engineer, and musician that sleeps in late to work longer at night, TK has spent years building robots, taking roadtrips, and reporting on the latest trends in the worldwide maker scene. Always invested in anything exciting, he’s the number #1 Google result for “Box Forts For Adults” and other things too amusing to list here.
Roles of interest: Podcast host, Podcast guest, Video & audio podcasting, Audio only podcasting