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VIDEO: How to prepare a podcast guest: Part 1

If you've been invited onto someones podcast as a guest, the best thing you can do is provide good quality audio. Watch the video above to learn about affordable microphone and headphone options. This headset microphone will do the job...

CHECKLIST: Podcast Guest Tips

1. Have you been sent a list of questions or topics? The wonderful thing about podcasts is that they are a natural conversation, a great way audiences can get to know you, as well as learn from you. Avoid writing lengthy answers - it can sound “scripted” and...

GRAPHIC: Essentials of a great podcast

A great podcast host will: ❤ have genuine passion for their topic; ✋ care about their audience, and ❓ always be curious and seeking. What lights a fire in you? Book a studio visit and we will discuss how you can turn your passion into a podcast.

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