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A full service Podcast studio available for hire in Adelaide, South Australia.

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PodBooth’s walk-in/walk-out podcasting service enables businesses to record a broadcast quality show with zero fuss. We understand that entrepreneurs, organisations and marketers are working hard crafting original content to grow their brands. This takes time, which, for most busy professionals, is in short supply.  We take care of all technical aspects of production so that you can focus on your message.

Step 1: Recording

Choose either video & audio or audio only.

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Step 2: Editing

Choose either premium editing or standard editing for your Podcast.

Editing is charged per finished minute. This mean that if your podcast edits down to 20 minutes you will pay $72.60 for premium editing or $46 for standard editing. Prices include GST. If you are unsure which level of editing is right for you contact us to discuss the options.

$3.63 per finished minute – INCLUDES 2X BRANDED PROMOS

  • Removal of obvious outtakes and audio clean-up.
  • Uniquely crafted introduction including a ‘best bits’ hook at the start. Introduction will also be provided as a separate branded video for you to use to promote your episode.
  • A second ‘best-bit’ branded promo video to share on socials
  • Titles/graphics/images can also be integrated.

Sample hook/intro:

$2.30 per finished minute

Inclusion of standard intro/outro, removal of obvious outtakes and audio clean-up.

Recording at PodBooth

Pete McDonald – SAHMRI.

Anne Marie McGlasson, The Soulful Therapist.

She Shopped – facebook live video.

From Our Podcasters

“The team at PodBooth combine creative and technical support with good old fashioned practical advice. They gave me the confidence and clear direction to do what others had been encouraging me to do for years … create a Podcast. Thank you.”

-Anne Marie McGlasson

(The Soulful Therapist)


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